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AMJ Spectactular Events is a Family-Owned, Chicago-Based Party Rental Company that can fill ALL your Speciality Rental needs!

Giant Games Rentals 4U & A Moon Jump 4-U, are divisions of AMJ Spectacular Events.

We have been creating memories in Chicago and throughout the Midwest for over a decade. Whether it’s a backyard party, or a high-end corporate event, we have everything you can imagine to turn your celebration from good… to Spectacular!

Human Foosball

Fall themed rentals provides all types of games and activities - call today!

The ultimate foosball challenge! An exciting game of Human Foosball is the perfect challenge to engage employees for teambuilding skills, students at college events, and parishioners at church youth groups. This life size replica generates excitement and encourages team strategy.     top of this page

Human Billiards

Concessions are a treat with the help of AMJ Spectacular Events!


Your guests will have a blast with Giant Billiards! This huge inflatable is 20' by 30', so there is plenty of room for all of your guests! Rack up the inflatable balls with the giant pool square or take your best shot and try to land a ball in the oversized pockets! Fun for all ages!    top of this page

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Entertain all your guests with fun inflatables available from Fall Themed Rentals 4 U!

"Hungry” for something new, fun, and exciting? AMJSE has a giant, inflatable “Hungry, Hungry, Hippos” game ready for your next event! This game will get your kids moving as they try to grab the balls from the middle of the inflatable. Children are harnessed for safety and up to 4 children can play at a time.     top of this page


Any  party is MORE fun with an inflatable bouncing activity! Call today and hear our selections!


This inflatable twister puts a new twist on the old game. Imagine trying to play twister on an air mattress! Spin the wheel and have some fun!    top of this page

.Human Spheres

FallThemedRentals4u rents novelties for your fall events like picnics, reunions or just get togethers! Are you ready to roll? Become a giant human hamster! Great fun easy to use and great for guests of all ages. This activity Giant Game is as much fun to watch as it is to play!     top of this page

Comfy Chair

AMJ Spectacular Events provides all types of games and activities - call today!

Check out that huge red chair! Can we go sit on it?!

A Moon Jump 4U has this Comfy Chair to rent at your next party or event. What a great attraction or activity to have at a birthday party, store opening, school fun fair or company picnic!

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. Giant Bulls Eye

Bulls Eye Inflatable Dart Board Game Rental

Giant Bull’s Eye Rental! Challenge your friends to traditional bull’s eye, in which a feather shuttlecock is thrown instead of a dart or a bull’s eye game where players throw plastic balls at the target.


Our third game is perfect for sneaking in some extra practice to improve the golf game. Just tilt the Giant Bull’s Eye unit to reveal a two-hole golf putt!

Whether you are entertaining friends at a block party, inviting work colleagues to a corporate event, playing around at a school fun fair, or having some competitive college fun, our Giant Bull’s Eye is the perfect game for all ages.

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Connect 4/ Tic Tac Toe

Giant Inflatable Double Sided Games 4U Tic Tac Toe & Connect Four

Connect 4 / Tic Tac Toe...

Connect Four:

A challenging game of vertical strategy that’s easy to learn and fun to play.

Object of the game:

Be the first player to get four of your colored game pieces in a row - horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

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Dart Board

Giant Inflatable Soccer kick, Football throw, Dart Board


Throw Footballs, kick Soccer Balls or hit Baseballs off of a Tee at this Giant Inflatable.

Rules are simple.

B-B-B-B-B-Bulls-Eye! You choose: kick a soccer ball, throw a football or hit a baseball off of a tee at this AMJ Giant Inflatable Dartboard! The velcro ball will stick right where it lands.

This AMJ GIANT GAME rental has 3 game options and will be a test of basic skill bringing a fun-filled and on the mark event entertainment!

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. Human Snow Globe

Human Scaled Snow Globe Rental

A Human Scaled Snow Globe ...


A Human scaled snow globe is a unique photo opportunity. Watch the fake snow swirl around as if you were actually being shook. The fun with this blow up snow globe, is that props can be added to your winter scene.


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