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AMJ Spectactular Events is a Family-Owned, Chicago-Based Party Rental Company that can fill ALL your Speciality Rental needs!

Giant Games Rentals 4U & A Moon Jump 4-U, are divisions of AMJ Spectacular Events.

We have been creating memories in Chicago and throughout the Midwest for over a decade. Whether it’s a backyard party, or a high-end corporate event, we have everything you can imagine to turn your celebration from good… to Spectacular!

. Giant Trikes


The photo really says it all! Imagine your associates tooling around on these giant tricycles, allowing their competitive spirit to flourish. We have an inflatable race arena to keep them within the prescribed area, or you could set up an obsctacle course of your own.
The great thing about adult-sized trikes is that you don't need to have balance, so it's hard to "fail."    top of this page

. Big Foot Race

FallThemedRentals4u rents novelties for your fall events like picnics, reunions or just get togethers! A great team bulding game that demands cooperation...a hilarious event! It's wild, it's crazy, and it definitely draws a crowd! Rent this for you're next party and watch your guests laugh out loud!   top of this page

. Pedal Kart Pedal Racers

Novelties for your special events like picnics, reunions or just get togethers! Car racing with Pedal Karts are truly FUN for ALL ages from 7 to adult! Pedal Karts are a great way to explore, get exercise and create an everlasting memory.

Rent Pedal Karts today from AMJ and watch how your party fun reaches a new level of fun! From corporate fun events, college parties, team building fun, renting Pedal Karts will change your next event to a spectacular event. Rent your Pedal Karts today!   top of this page

. Skee Ball-wooden

Skee Ball...

Yes, you can have rent a couple of Skee Ball lanes for you next event! Can you imagine the looks on the faces of your guests when they see what the night has to offer, many games of Skee Ball!


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. Toilet Racers

Chairs, tables, tents are available for all fall events at FallThemedRentals4u!Gotta Go Toilet Racers...

Race for the bathroom? No. Race ON the toilet. Need to add some humor and excitement to an event like a retirement party or end of the year appreciation dinner or how about a 50th birthday party, look no further...




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. Horseshoes


BIG FUN when renting with AMJ! Check out the newest of the AMJ GIANT GAMES collection for outside events! Perfect for block parties, corporate picnics; any event where yard games will be offered. This classic Giant Horse Shoe Game from AMJ is a relaxing but competitive game to offer your guests. Our horseshoes are made of colorful blue and red foam which makes it safe for even the littlest of players.

Horse Shoes is a lawn game played between two people (or two teams of two people) using four horseshoes and two throwing targets to hook around. AMJ's Giant Horse Shoe game is played with an independently standing peg that doesn't need to be placed into the ground, making this game versatile for all ages! Players alternate turns tossing horseshoes at the pegs, which are traditionally placed 40 feet apart.


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Rodeo Roper

Rodeo Roper Rodeo Roper

It's been called a calf roping machine, a roll-a-roper, calf roper, and roller roper no matter what you call it it's a getty-up good time.

The Rodeo Roper is an excellent tool for teaching basic roping skills as well as an exciting piece of entertainment for your next western themed event.

The Rolling Roper only requires a basic electrical connection and a 10ft by 20ft space. Pair Rodeo Roper with spicy barbecue, good country music, your favorite buddies and you've got a YEE-HAW rodeo!


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Giant Operation GameOperation
This giant surgical table will have people gathered around for hours of jumps and jolts and laughs. Just like the original, players try to carefully remove the various pieces and parts from this life-sized patient. It'll take a steady hand to make sure you remove all of the parts successfully!


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Fun Mirrors

Giant Red & Blue Fun Carnival MirrorsGiant Red & Blue Fun Carnival Mirrors

Great old fashioned Carnival fun. Add a set of the AMJ Giant OVERSIZED Fun House Mirrors to your next event. Set them up then step back because everyone will be standing in front of their contorted selves and start taking the selfies. Watch them and listen to their laughter as they look at each other.

Perfect for your SPOOKY Halloween Event. GIANT Red & Blue carnival fun mirrors will open up the conversations and start the FUN.

Giant distortion mirrors add so much FUN to every event. Call us now and let's gt you setup.

Size :6ft tall X 30in wide


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